Working out and sustaining a healthy lifestyle has never been more prevalent.

With time always slipping away people are looking for quick and efficient ways to ensure your attire is secure, comfortable and trendy.

People are always seeking hair product solutions and accessories that will last.

With Hair Tie, there will be no unforeseen circumstances and broken elastics and workouts cut short.

First place the hairband over your head to your desired spot

Next, take the loop of the hair elastic, grab your hair to make a pony tail and secure this with your elastic band.

Additionally, This product is one size fits all. This product is not gender specific.

For Parents

As a parent of a young one, it can be a stuggle to complete a hairstyle that will keep her hair out of her face and having the style look presentable.

The last thing my child wants me to do it tangle, pull on her hair or have the style take too long to complete.

Here is a new innovative, 2 in one, combination product.

The hair tie will securely keep your hair out of your child’s face 

There are no arguments, no tears and literally completed within minutes.

Patent Pending

The Hair Tie is the subject of patent pending in North America. Other territories are being considered on an as-needed basis.